Refrigeration is life.


Refrigeration is literally at the heart of any civilization, it underpins almost every aspect of modern life. It provides us with fresh food, medicines, and comfort.  Without it we would struggle to produce and store vast amounts of food to feed our growing population.

Whats all the fuss about?

When most people think of refrigeration, they picture that thing in the kitchen, or the walk in chiller at the bottle store. 

"Fridges" include; comfort cooling  & heating, rapid freezing, process cooling and cold storage. They come in all sizes, some are as large as football stadiums and others highly complex and critical to a specific process. As "Fridgy's" we want to demystify our industry and encourage others to join.

How does one enter this world?

The pathway into Refrigeration and air-conditioning requires completing a four year apprenticeship or a Tertiary engineering  qualification. Once qualified as a technician, job opportunities are excellent, so is progression into other fields all over the globe, and the pay can exceed 150K/year. 

What exactly do refrigeration people do?

Refrigeration professionals require a broad depth of knowledge and skill-sets, every day is different from the last. Responsibilities lie with designing energy efficient systems that are trouble free.

Ongoing asset management is needed to improve longevity and reliability of the systems which may require constant monitoring of the thermodynamic principles involved together with conducting mechanical and electrical repairs.

Refrigeration is based around optimized heat transfer, using the relationships of pressure and temperature of a liquifiable gas to our advantage. By forcing a Refrigerant to change its state in a vapour compression cycle, we are able to absorb or reject a massive amount of energy (heat). We call this the refrigeration effect. Refrigeration can be used for both heating and cooling. 

It's not all just on the tools!

There is great opportunity in the Refrigeration industry to progress into specialist fields involving things such as programmable computing and electrical engineering. The opportunities are endless.

If you are not mechanically minded or like clean hands at the end of the day, there are other sections of the trade for you which include; sales, planning, estimation, management, design and applications engineering.

Engagement | Unification | Visibility

Our group wishes to act as an non exclusive interface for all Refrigeration Professionals to engage as a community, broaden there knowledge and network with like minded people. 

Refrigeration & the Environment

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