Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated and passionate technicians, engineers and salespeople.

Our core objective is to make a positive difference in the refrigeration industry through; engagement, intelligent discussion, support, education and focus on current & future issues for persons that; design, install service, maintain as well as operate refrigeration equipment.

Originally founded from a small social media community in 2017, we have now evolved to a group of over 1,200 members. From experts to apprentices, our team love the refrigeration industry and want to see it excel.

"We wish to elevate the visibility of our industry and enable our members that serve on the frontline of the trade to be recognized for their high caliber technical knowledge, ability and professionalism".

Our strategy to fulfill our purpose includes:

  • Promotion, awareness & visibility of the refrigeration trade in all its applications
  • The use of modern technology for rapid communication between members and their interchange of views.
  • Professional collective communication between industry organisations
  • Advocating the viewpoints of our members to ensure safe, practical and sustainable regulations and legislation are imposed by the government
  • Encouraging the research and development relating to sustainable refrigeration & air conditioning.
  • Promotion of a sustainable approach to all aspects of system design technology, installation and operation.
  • Establish & present training opportunities for the furtherance of education in the practice of safe refrigerant handling.
  • To publish and distribute documents and standards that support the education and safe use of refrigerants.

Our mate's across the pond.

We are proud supporters of the Australian Refrigeration Mechanics Association (ARMA), we share the same passion for the industry as they do. 


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